Gluten Free in Uppermill and Saddleworth

I asked the members of the Uppermill Facebook group if they could share with me their hints and tips for eating gluten-free in Uppermill and Saddleworth, and the response was fantastic! I gathered this information for myself as much as anything, but I thought it would be nice to put it all together in one place as a handy guide for Coeliacs living in or visiting the area. Thanks to everyone that contributed!

If there is somewhere missing that you think warrants including, or a fabulous gluten-free dish that you have discovered that needs sharing, please get in touch and I’ll update the list.

Full details of all places listed are included in the table at the bottom of the page.


Dinnerstone Restaurant and Bar on the High street in Uppermill has gluten-free pizza and pasta available. You simply chose from the regular menu, and they swap in gluten-free pasta or use a gluten-free pizza base for Coeliacs. It’s a lovely restaurant in a beautifully converted old building, and one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in Uppermill, and a favourite haunt of mine. Service is great too!

Another favourite of mine is the Limekiln Cafe on the canal to the north of Uppermill at the Brownhill visitors centre just past the viaduct. It’s a fabulous cafe just for sitting by the canal and watching the world go by, but they also have a super gluten-free offering. Not only do they have gluten-free cakes and gluten-free sandwiches, apparently, they even have a gluten-free fryer for chips!!

Fika, The Reclamation Room, Caffè Grande Abaco and Meander Cafe-bar all in Uppermill were all recommended for their gluten-free options. Fika sells fabulous gluten-free cakes, Meander have gluten-free scones, and the Reclamation Room and Caffè Grande Abaco have gluten-free sandwiches, cakes and chocolate brownies!

The Albion Tap on the High Street has a decent range of  First Chop gluten-free beers, Caffè Grande Abaco also have gluten-free Peroni available sometimes.

Pots & Pans Pizza (no relation to us!) opened during the COVID19 lockdown and kept the village fed with their fabulous pizzas.  Their pizzas are very reasonably priced, and they offer gluten-free bases! The word on the street is that their Bee Sting Pizza is the Bee’s Knees! They even have a make-your-own pizza at home pack and they are getting rave reviews on Facebook. Be warned they do have limited capacity for orders and sell out regularly so first come first served. Head to their Facebook page where you will find the current menu pinned to the top of the page and instructions on how to order. They are located at the commercial on the High Street, you can order online and then pop down to collect.


The Navigation Inn in Dobcross is a proper old Saddleworth pub, yet despite being over 200 years old they are keeping with the times and are one of those unique places that have a separate gluten-free menu. You will find a decent selection of starters and mains including curries, lamb’s liver and fantastic fish and chips. The Pub is located on the road north out of Uppermill, just after the roundabout.


The White Lion in Delph was recommended by several people, and although I can see little gluten-free information on their website, they do offer a gluten-free breakfast, which sounds like a good do. One person who recommended the White Lion said they are “really gluten-free aware” which is a positive sign.

The Albion farm shop on Oldham Road near Delph is terrific, with beautiful views from the excellent cafe, and they stock the absolutely fabulous gluten-free cakes from Lottie’s Bakehouse (they’re in good company, as Fortnum & Mason stock them too!). The shop is a treasure trove of artisanally produced and locally sourced foods. It’s well worth a visit, I don’t have any information on specific gluten-free products in the cafe, but it’s a lovely spot for a cup of tea and a gander at the spectacular Saddleworth view.

Fresca Italian Restaurant in the small business park at Delph crossroads offer gluten free pizza bases and gluten-free pasta, which means that the majority of their menu is available to Coeliacs.

Although the Bay Leaf Indian Restaurant in Delph doesn’t specifically mention anything about gluten-free offerings on their menu, they do have a lot of gluten-free dishes available. It’s a cracking Indian restaurant so worth a visit, but make sure to mention your dietary requirements to your server when ordering.


Sugar Violets in Diggle makes artisan chocolates using Fairly Traded Chocolate, and they have a vast range of gluten-free baked goods. Their website lists such gluten-free delights as Christmas Puddings, Chocolate Brownies, Lemon and Polenta Cakes, Pistachio and Almond Cakes, Scones, Oat Slices, Biscotti and Iced Christmas Cakes. You can also buy some of their products at Oliviccio on the High street in Uppermill.

Saddleworth cookery school in Diggle doesn’t serve gluten-free food, but they do have a gluten-free table in their regular cooking classes, and they have loads of interesting gluten-free recipes to share. If you would like to learn more about cooking gluten-free then contact them for more details.  They also have an awesome kid’s gluten-free cookery session planned for the summer holidays.


Health Honey is a new health-food cafe that has recently opened in Greenfield. I’ve included it here as it was recommended by several people. I’ve no specific gluten-free examples to give, but the menu sounds super nice and super healthy, and lots of their dishes are naturally gluten-free.

The lovely little Station Brew Cafe perched on the hill opposite the station in Greenfield was recommended by several people, mainly for their gluten-free cakes selection. It’s a great spot to have a coffee and a gluten-free cake while you are waiting for your train!

Scóna Coffee House in Greenfield offer gluten-free options on their menu and are very experienced in looking after Coeliacs, they also provide an online ordering service for freshly baked gluten-free goods.

Further Afield

Although not technically in Saddleworth, (it’s pretty close) The Roebuck Inn at Strinesdale, near Oldham deserves mention here for their amazing home-made gluten-free cheese and onion pies. According to their website, they also serve home-made gluten-free minced beef pie, fish & chips and syrup sponge pudding! They do come very highly recommended.

The Huntsman Inn is located on the Isle of Skye road between Greenfield and Holmfirth. It’s a beautiful old pub in fabulous surroundings, though it’s a bit bleak in the winter. Although this was recommended I’ve not much gluten-free information to share, though they do advertise gluten-free bread on their menu, which is always a good sign.

Crumbals on the Corner is over t’hill in Marsden, Yorkshire and they come highly recommended. Marsden is only 15 minutes’ drive away, and Crumbals  are definitely worthy of a visit, with some tasty gluten-free options on the menu and gluten-free cakes too.

The Old Plough Chippy up on the Huddersfield Road into Oldham comes recommended for their gluten-free fish and chips, and they even do a gluten-free curry sauce!

The Green Valley Grocer is an awesome community cooperative over in Slaithwaite in Yorkshire. They order gluten-free cakes and gluten-free bread in once a fortnight. (By the way, if you are not from the area, a word of warning, it’s not pronounced Slaithwaite, it’s pronounced Slough-it!).

Off the Wheaten Track deli is a fair way from Saddleworth but has been recommended by sufficient people to warrant further investigation, it looks lovely and is certainly worth a visit. The cafe and deli is about 45 minutes’ drive away in Altrincham in Greater Manchester (they also offer an online order service as well), and even though this was supposed be a local list I’ve included it here for four reasons:

  1. Its a 100% gluten-free deli and cafe (no cross-contamination)
  2. What a cool name!
  3. Gluten-free pork pies
  4. Gluten-free pork pies!!!

Further details of these Coeliac friendly places are listed below.

Cheers and beers and gluten-free pork pies


Pots & Pans Cottage is a charming L shaped 18th-century weavers cottage located in a small hamlet 10 minutes walk from the centre of Uppermill in Saddleworth. If you are interested in visiting Uppermill and exploring beautiful Saddleworth then click on the book now button below to view the prices and availability and make a booking.

Dinnerstone Restaurant & Bar
99-101 High Street, Uppermill
01457 872 566
12pm - 9.30pm Tues - Sat
12pm - 7pm Sun
Closed Mondays
High Street, Uppermill
01457 870555
Open Everyday
The Reclamation Room
Lee Street, Uppermill.
01457 870870
9am - 5pm Tues - Sat
9am - 4pm Sun
Closed Mondays
Caffè Grande Abaco
73a High Street, Uppermill
01457 810218
7am - late everyday
Meander Cafe-Bar
45 High Street, Uppermill
(behind Saddleworth Outdoor Clothing)
9am - 5pm Sun - Thur
9am - 7pm Fri - Sat
109 High Street, Uppermill.
9.30am-5pm (Wed – Fri), 9.30am-4pm Sat, 11am-3.30pm Sun, Closed (Mon-Tue)
The Navigation Inn
21-23 Wool Road
01457 872418
12pm - 2pm & 5.30pm - 8pm Mon – Thur
12pm – 2pm & 5.30pm – 8.30pm Friday
12pm – 2pm & 6pm - 8.30pm Saturday:
12pm - 6pm Sunday
Albion Tap
72 High St, Uppermill
12pm -10pm Mon-Wed, Sun
12pm - 12am (Thu-Sat)
Albion Farmshop
Oldham Road,
01457 874366
9am - 5pm Mon, Sat
9am - 5.30pm Tue - Fri
10am - 4pm Sunday
The White Lion
1 Delph Lane,
01457 879313
12pm - 8pm Mon- Tue
9am-11:30am & 12pm - 9pm Wed – Sat
9am-10:45am & 12pm - 7pm Sun
Bay Leaf Indian Restaurant
5 King St
01457 877999
5pm - 11pm Mon - Sun
Fresca Italian Restaurant
Gatehead Business Park,
Delph New Road,
01457 870797
12pm – 9.30pm Sun - Thur
12pm – 10pm Fri -Sat
Sugar Violets
Saddleworth Cookery School
Unit 11, Warth Mill
01457 87 3333
Health Honey
93 Chew Valley Road
01457 877746
8am – 4pm Mon - Fri
9am - 3.30pm Sat- Sun
The Station Brew Cafe
13, Shaw Hall Bank Road, Greenfield
01457 237384
7.30am - 3.30pm Mon - Fri
9am - 4pm Sat
10am - 4pm Sun
Scóna Coffee House
The Greenfield Centre, Wellington Road,
07930 049752
8am - 3.30pm Mon - Thurs
8am - 6pm - Fri, Sat
10am – 4pm Sun
Terra Nino
Kinders Lane
01457 600570
Further Afield
The Roebuck Restaurant and Inn
0161 624 7819
12pm – 8pm Sun - Mon
12pm – 9pm Tue - Sat
The Huntsman Inn
Greenfield Road,
01484 850 205
12pm - 9pm Mon - Thur
12pm - 9:30pm Fri - Sat
8am – 10am & 12pm - 8pm Sun
Crumbals on the Corner
17 Peel Street,
01484 847082
8.30am - 4pm Mon - Sat
9am - 4pm Sun
The Old Plough Chippy
436 Huddersfield Road
07526 937347
11.30am - 2pm Mon - Fri
3.45pm - 7.30pm Mo - Thur
3.45pm - 8pm Fri
11.30am - 7.30pm Sat
Closed Sunday
The Green Valley Grocer
14 Carr Lane
01484 844417
8.30am-5.30pm Mon - Thur
8.30am-6.30pm Fri
8.30am-5.30pm Saturday
Closed Sunday
Off the Wheaten Track
8/10 Oxford Road
0161 929 7349
Closed Sunday - Monday
9am – 5pm Tue – Fri
10am – 5pm Saturday

Please be aware that all reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained on this page is accurate, but it is possible that the information may be out of date, incomplete or the opinion of the author. It is advisable that you verify any information from this page before relying on it. Please make sure to explain your food allergy to the serving staff before ordering.

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