Further afield


Holmfirth is a beautiful little town in the Holme Valley, just a stone’s throw away from Saddleworth over t’hill in Yorkshire. Most famous as the setting of the long-running BBC comedy TV series Last of the Summer Wine,  Holmfirth welcomes thousands of visitors every year who come to take tea at Sids Cafe or have their photo taken by the famous steps where Nora Batty used to batter poor old Compo about the head with a broom. But there is a lot more to Holmfirth than the octogenarian antics of Compo, Cleggy, Foggy and Co….[continue reading]


Marsden is a large but compact village very close to Uppermill over in West Yorkshire – God’s Own Country. It’s the next stop on the Greenfield to Huddersfield railway line and about 15-minutes away by car. You can even walk there over the Pennines in a couple of hours, it’s a splendid hike.

Marsden has a similar history to Uppermill in that it grew in size and prospered in the 19th Century through the production of woollen cloth and was home to a sizeable Woollen mill… [continue reading]


The Standedge Tunnel, located in the heart of the Pennines in West Yorkshire, 20 minutes from Uppermill, is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the area. The tunnel is a fascinating feat of engineering that played a significant role in the Industrial Revolution in England…[continue reading]