Safety Features Statement

Address of Property Assessed: Pots & Pans Cottage, Uppermill, OL3

Person Undertaking the Assessment: Cliff Lonsdale

Position: Owner

Date of Assessment: 1st February 2018 (updated 6th December 2020)


Pots & Pans Cottage is an eighteenth-century cottage located in a rural hamlet. Due to the nature of the building and the surrounding area, access is limited.


The use of stairs is required to access the property, the garden and the upper floors within the property.


Emergency evacuation procedures

  • There is one exit door to the property, located in the kitchen. This door is inward opening.
  • Due to the steep stairs within the property and stair access outside the property. People with physical disabilities that prevent them from climbing stairs will require assistance in the event that evacuation is necessary.


Fire and Safety features


  • A 2KG dry powder fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen near the stove
  • A 2KG dry powder fire extinguisher is located upstairs near the tumble dryer.
  • A fire blanket is located in the kitchen near the stove
  • Combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector with alarms are located:
    • –  In the Kitchen
    • –  In the Lounge
    • –  At the top of the stairs
    • –  Near the tumble dryer and boiler
  • A fire guard is in place in front of the Aga wood-burning stove in the lounge


Other Safety features

  • A first aid kit is located in the kitchen cupboard (above the coat hooks)
  • Childproof window cable locks are fitted to every window in the house
  • An illuminating nightlight is situated at the top of the stairs in the cottage
  • Automatic Sensor lights are situated on the path leading to the cottage
  • Torches are provided in the cottage
  • A Child gate is available for use in the cottage
  • A handrail was added to the stairs in March 2017
  • Grit and salt are available at the back door in case of icy paths

If you would like more information about the safety features at Pots & Pans Cottage please get in touch at

Created: 1st  February 2018 (updated 6th December 2020)


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